Depigmentation Treatments


Melanogenesis is a complex biochemical process involved in the production of skin pigments that determine skin colour. This pigments´ mission is to protect the skin from damage caused by the solar radiations.

Melanogenesis depends on different exogenous and endogenous factors which leads to an over production of melanin in a localized areas unleashing the appearance of unsightly blemishes. The main cause is exposure to UV radiations, but there are also other factors involved such as hormonal and genetic factors, hypofisiary disorders, the ingestion of photosensitizing medication, the use of certain cosmetics, deficiency of vitamin D…etc.

Melanocytes are dendritic cells located in the epidermal basale membrane, responsible for melanin synthesis. These cells secrete melanosomes, melanin granules that are transferred through dendrites (cell prolongations) to the keratinocytes, pigmenting them.

In order to get effective and lasting results in the elimination of melanic blemishes, it is essential to combine high concentrations of whitening, exfoliating, protective and revitalizing active principles, acting in the different stages of melanogenesis process, blocking the appearance of cutaneous hyper pigmentations whilst respecting skin integrity.