Melan:off Workshop in Ibagué City

Ibagué, Colombia. Jan 20, 2016

Melan:off workshop in Ibagué

Last 20th of January, md:ceuticals partners in Colombia conducted a seminar and practical training of melan:off Depigmentation Treatment in the Medical Laser Center in Ibagué city. Most prestigious Peruvian plastic surgeons and dermatologists attended the event showing great interest in the revolutionary whitening treatment melan:off.

melan:off Depigmentation Treatment contains more than 20 active ingredients that produce effective skin whitening, removing blemishes by activating the inhibiting mechanisms in different stages of the melanogenesis process, ensuring the melanocyte´s integrity. Thanks to the exfoliating action, it activates cellular renewal, reducing imperfections and leading to a flawless skin with an even tone.

melan:off Depigmentation Treatment has been tested by dermatologists with excellent results in the reduction and elimination of all kind of blemishes of melanic origin. The main advantage lies in the elimination of side effects and discomfort for the patients such as high levels of irritation, reddening, erythema and desquamation, being completely safe and effective. melan:off does not contain Hydroquinone, being skin integrity guaranteed.

Hydroquinone has a cytotoxic effect over melanocytes with high side effects associated. This free radical effect harms the genetic material within the melanocyte encouraging the cell to develop into a cancerous cell. Hydroquinone produces permanent post inflammatory hyper pigmentation and Ochronosis when patient stops using it.


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