md:ceuticals seminar in Kiev

Kiev, Ukraine. April 27, 2016

Launch: md:ceuticals product range now available in Ukraine

Last 27th of April, md:ceuticals International trainer conducted a training course in Kiev for Ukrainian partners. Important dermatologists, surgeons and physicians were offered workshops covering all the innovative protocols to effectively treat the skin pathologies that most worry patients (hyper pigmentation, acne, photo-aged skin, alopecia, cellulite, wrinkles…etc.)

The Ukrainian team received detailed information about how to diagnose skin conditions, selecting the best combinations of treatments to provide safe, quick and lasting results, addressing all affected skin layers to achieve global rejuvenation. They also received instructions on how to prepare skin with priming solutions (md:prepeel AHAs Complex 15% and md:prepeel Beta & AHAs Complex 8%) and why and how to expedite healing while reducing complications after procedures.

md:ceuticals Ukrainian partners showed special interest in the wide range of pre-set cocktails, md:complex Treatments, that combined with the md:peel chemical peels, gets visible results from the very first sessions.

Practical workshop consisted on the md:ceuticals new acne treatment md:complex SkinClear combined with the md:peel mandelic 40%, specifically developed for the treatment of sensitive skin.

md:complexTM SkinClear combines the most effective ingredients to target all acne critical factors (comedones, bacteria and inflammation), unclogging pores and promoting a clear and even skin complexion while preventing future breakouts. It provides gentle exfoliation and reduce sebum production, penetrating deep into the pores to clear the bacteria responsible for inflammatory acne. With highly regenerating properties, they minimize scar appearance and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, revealing a healthier and younger looking skin.

md:peel mandelic 40% helps to correct acne prone skin thanks to its keratolytic, antiseborrheic and antibacterial activity. With whitening effect, it removes hyper pigmentation that are left after acne lesions heal.


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