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London, UK. May 20, 2015

md:ceuticals Egypt presents md:complex melanoceuticals on TV show.

md:ceuticals Egypt, with more than a 15-year proven track record in the beauty market, is successfully expanding the brand in the country through innovative skincare solutions adapted to suit specific needs of Egyptian customers.

The Managing Director, Mr. Mohamed Oqba went to an Egyptian popular TV show to present the brand, giving an in-depth presentation on md:ceuticals product line. Mr. Oqba explained how md:ceuticals powerful formulas are concentrated in active ingredients that are proven to penetrate optimally to the different skin layers to act at the cellular level, reversing visible signs of aging.

The md:ceuticals products have been very successful in the Egyptian market, especially the Depigmentation treatments. Although melasma occurs in all ethnic groups, it is more prevalent in individuals with darker complexions living in areas with intense ultraviolet radiation. md:ceuticals provides to Egyptian dermatologists effective and innovative treatment protocols combining different whitening therapies to guarantee the best results while respecting the skin integrity.

These Depigmentation Treatments include:

  • md:complex melanoceuticals: includes the most effective and innovative active ingredients; Tranexamic acid + Glutathione + Azeloglycine + Kojic acid + Arbutin + Glycolic acid + Ascorbic acid + Citric acid, to effectively fight against hyper-pigmentation, targeting all stages involved in melanin production and accelerating  epidermal renewal, restoring a smoother texture.
  • melan:off Depigmentation Treatment: revolutionary formulation to remove all kind of melanic hyperpigmentations with  the maximum safety for the skin. Clinical studies demonstrate spectacular and long lasting results in just three steps (whitening peel + intensive mask + maintenance cream)
  • md:peel Treatment: ideal treatment to combine with melan:off and melanoceuticals, enhancing the whitening and exfoliating action and minimizing risks. md:ceuticals has a wide range of whitening chemical peels, such as mandelic, azelaic, salicylic, pyruvic or glycolic, that Doctor selects, depending on patient’s skin type and benefits to achieve. They contribute to the treatment success by increasing skin flaking, removing melanized keratinocytes from the upper layers of epidermis for a more even skin colour.

“Our agreement with md:ceuticals Egypt offers our customers innovative solutions and total quality satisfaction. We are very pleased to be working with the md:ceuticals Egypt team and look forward to a long-term successful relationship", said Mr. Francesc Crespo, Managing Director of md:ceuticals.


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