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Recife, Brazil. September 27-30, 2014

md:ceuticals, a reference laboratory in the development of top quality medical cosmetics, participated with great success in the 69th Congress of Brazilian Society of Dermatology, held in the Pernambuco Convention Centre in Recife, from 27th to 30th September 2014.

This Annual Conference is the largest and longest-established meeting for Brazilian dermatology experts, and is guaranteed to feature the latest in their clinical practices and cosmetic surgery. It is always exciting because of the important science and significant new clinical applications presented by the speakers. Presentations on skin diagnosis, laser surgery, photodynamic therapy, radiofrequency, surgical applications and more were given by world-class experts, creating an innovative and stimulating program for all attendees including dermatologists, physicians, nurses, scientists, engineers, and industry representatives.

md:ceuticals launched the md:complex melanoceuticals at the congress; a revolutionary treatment against melanic hyper-pigmentations combining high concentrations of whitening, exfoliating, antioxidant and brightening active principles that block different stages of melanin production. md:complex melanoceuticals accelerate epidermal renewal and enhance skin penetration of active ingredients, lightening the skin tone, reducing imperfections and restoring a smoother texture. Its antioxidant ingredients increase skin luminosity, softness and elasticity, helping prevent skin photo-aging.

md:complex melanoceuticals’ complete formulation includes the most effective and innovative active ingredients; Tranexamic acid + Glutathione + Azeloglycine + Kojic acid + Arbutin + Glycolic acid + Ascorbic acid + Citric acid, to effectively fight against hyper-pigmentation while maintaining the integrity of the skin.

Being aware of the difficulty of treating hyper-pigmentation in countries with intense ultraviolet radiation, md:ceuticals provides Brazilian dermatologists with an innovative protocol, combining the application of the md:complex melanoceuticals with a series of whitening chemical peels and micro-needling therapy, that guarantees quick, amazing and lasting results.


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