Workshop Prague

Prague, Czech Republic. July 30, 2014

Workshop of md:ceuticals professional treatments a success:

Workshop by Dr. Koloma Ivanka

Organised by E. Přibylová, md:ceuticals partner - Czech Republic

After fillers and botox treatments, many patients will soon realise this will not be enough to have a rejuvenated skin. Complex skin reconstruction and removal of loose skin together with the stimulation of collagen production "from the inside“ and further renewal of contour and volume of skin after invasive cosmetic procedures, all this requires effective techniques and products.

Our main goal when undertaking these treatments is to get rid of wrinkles, spots and acne scars. The professional will have to determine the appropriate treatment for each skin type, pain tolerance and patient safety. Another important aspect will be the immediate recovery of the skin after the treatment.

Non-invasive mesotherapy using micro-needling roller, md:prepeel AHAs complex 15% and md:prepeel Beta and AHAs complex 8% will meet all the criteria.


Micro-needling roller application, disinfection and md:prepeel AHAs complex 15% / md:prepeel AHA&Beta complex 8% immediate application

AHAs complex for 10 minutes.

Removal of AHAs prepeel and md:complex treatment application of choice:

md:complex Antiage Intensive

md:complex Firming-Regen

md:complex NCT-Hyal Revitalizing

Facial mask to be applied after the treatment

Active principles will penetrate into deeper layers of skin. The result is perfectly rejuvenated skin. This procedure is to be performed 6 times, every 10 days.

For oily and problematic skin md:peel azelaic 17% + salicylic 20% will have excellent results. Apply it on the troubled areas and use md:peel mandelic 40% / 50% on the rest of the skin.

The skin is later to be neutralised using md:peel Neutralizing Solution, perform a Jacquet massage and use X:treme skin renewal cream to complete the treatment.

The workshop was rated extremely positive, professionals got both medical background as well as hands on training combining the different md:ceuticals products which is the key to success.

The workshop ended with a discussion on new market trends and a certificate of assistance was handed out to each of the participants.


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