Non-surgical Facial Rejuvenation Techniques

St. Petersburg, Russia. June 6-8, 2014

IV International meeting

The IV International Course "Experience and innovation in aesthetic medicine - 2014" for non surgical rejuvenation techniques was held In St. Petersburg June 6-8 2014

Chairman of the Scientific Committee of the event was Irina E. Khrustalyova, chief doctor of the clinic "Академия". As in previous years, doctors gathered to discuss relevant techniques for clinical cases.

This year's event was attended by many local and international speakers, among whom was Dr. Ina Sosoaca, MD, PhD, dermatologist of BlueMed Clinic, Lecturer Mesotherapeutic Romanian Association (Bucharest), International Coach for minimal-invasive aesthetic procedures.

In the case study "Technology SMART TOUCH: European trends rejuvenation, selection of an appropriate correction algorithm Amendments age person. VS voluminous revitalization" the most interesting developments and newest techniques were covered.

Dr. Shoshoaka shared clinical experiences with the  md:complex formulations, stressing the importance of revitalizing the skin as preparation for sun exposure and sunburn recovery. As Dr. Shoshoaka proved why, the md:complex NCT-Hyal Revitalizing should be in every aesthetic doctor's office..


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