Training Course Pakistan

London, UK - June 23, 2014

md:ceuticals organizes a training course for Pakistan partners:

Last 23rd of June, a training course for md:ceuticals Pakistan partners was held in London, covering topics like chemical peel treatments, depigmentation agents, facial, hair and body cocktails and the ultimate more effective actives for skin care:

melan:off Depigmentation Treatment: revolutionary formulation to remove all kinds of melanic hyperpigmentation with maximum safety for the skin.

md:peel Treatment: wide range of pharmaceutical and medical grade chemical peels (Salicylic, Glycolic, Mandelic, Pyruvic, Modified Jessner, Azelaic) specifically formulated and clinically proven for: photo-aging, dull complexion, superficial scarring, acne, pigmentary disorders (melasma, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, age spots…), seborrhoeic and actinic keratosis, icthyosis, vulgar warts, dry skin and superficial, medium and deep wrinkles.

md:complex Treatments: complete line of formulas, each highly concentrated in the most effective active principles to fight against main skin disorders, such as photo-aged skin, wrinkles, flaccidity, dull and devitalized skin, hair loss, hyper pigmentation and cellulite.

It was a great opportunity to update everyone’s knowledge about new techniques and effective protocols for high-demand treatments, making them a valuable addition to any aesthetic clinic’s repertoire.

This course was designed for the doctors and professionals of the beauty sector to build a business and provide their clients with amazing results using the most up to date treatments and techniques.

Pakistani partners learned how to diagnose different skin conditions, offer the most suitable treatments and deliver proven results for their patients. They also discovered how these treaents could be combined to achieve faster and better results, and how these products can be used to complement other techniques such as Radiofrequency, Pulsed light devices or micro-needle devices, increasing the benefits and helping the patients to achieve healthier and younger looking skin.

In order to reinforce the theory, there was a practical demonstration of all the md:ceuticals protocols with detailed instructions on carrying out each treaent. After attending the complete training, partners were confident and competent in cutting-edge techniques for skin rejuvenation.

Participants received a full technical dossier and clinical manuals on each topic, including essential and useful information about the products and protocols, frequently asked questions, templates for client files, consent forms, post treaent care leaflets, clinical trials, scientific information and more.


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